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Underpants On My Head

Coming up in the next few weeks: my new book for kids, intriguingly called, “Underpants On My Head.” It’s the second in a series (the first was “Uh-oh, Cleo,”and it’s a great choice for a kid who just got the hang of reading and wants a book with chapters. (Little, tiny chapters.)

Based on a true story from my childhood (I actually did wear underpants on my head once–ONLY once–see photo), an early review from Kirkus says this book is “HILARIOUS!” I consider this VERY high praise.

More on this book as we get closer to pub. date, late in January. Meanwhile, if you get too cold, try putting underpants on your head. I’m here to tell you it helps.


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  1. Scot Colford says:

    OMG that *is* HI-LARIOUS! I’m so glad I found your blog. Originally, because I totally dig your work — all of it — but now, because “underpants” is my favorite word.

    The scores are in and you totally win.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Jessica! Oh have I missed your blog! I have not been on the computer so much lately, what with Christmas and all excitement the new year brings, despite the not so exciting economic situation.

    I must say I love this post!! However, here in Winnipeg, it would take much more than a pair of undies to keep our heads warm, it’s been not so lovely here with the minus 40 wind chills and inches upon inches of never ending snow. UGH!

    Happy new year Jessica! Keep up the fantastic writing this year, I never tire of it and always look forward to your posts!!

    Lots of love, Jennifer.

  3. Donat Kazarinoff says:

    When my brothers and I were kids, we’d put underwear on our heads in the shape of a bakers’ hat…..then jump around singin’…
    “We’re the bakers…..try our doughnuts…..”.(repeat)

  4. Jamie Alley says:

    Jessica, how you make me laugh when I read your writing, it brightens my day! You’ll be happy to know I played Hey, Picasso on my radio show last week; in addition to my weekly soundtrack show I subbed for a DJ and did a “‘normal” show where I could play anything. And be assured that the soundtracks of Phantom and Shock Treatment have been played on my regular show…many years ago (1989-1992) I was in a huge band of performance art terrorists, and we covered In My Own Way…

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