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Fox Has Ducks

There’s something sweet going on at 20th Century Fox, and I’m not referring to the grosses from “Wolverine.”

Maybe she lost her way in mid-migration, or maybe she’s hoping to snag Hugh Jackman’s autograph, but a duck recently took up residence in the fountain right smack outside the offices of Fox’s top execs, and then promptly became the mother of eight.

We visited them on Mother’s Day, and they are certainly the cutest family on Pico Boulevard. Sadly, their numbers have been reduced by two; some predator made off with a couple of ducklings. Most likely it was a crow like the one that almost grazed my forehead while I watched Mama Duck teach her kids a trick. She climbed up the ivy beside the fountain, babies in a row behind her, to the top of a retaining wall and jumped into the water, followed by six happy splashes.

Fox execs are so charmed by the duck invasion they have constructed a wood ‘n wire shelter for them, right in the fountain, to protect the ducks from further crow attacks. Fox is  hoping that, if they make the perks good enough, the ducks won’t migrate to Warners or Universal.


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  1. Dash says:

    I understand the ducks have recently signed with CAA and have been offered a three picture deal by Paramount.

  2. Jamie A. says:

    Remember Linda Darnell’s pet rooster Weetie that she used to bring to the studio? It purportedly terrorized everyone on the set! Fox has a long history with storied fowl.

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