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To All My Friends And Followers:


Thanks as always for your loyalty to this Blah Blah Blog! As you can see I’ve upped my game recently, spiffed this site up and made it more mobile-friendly for you. I hope you like the changes and continue to tune in for the fast and furious posts that will be coming your way with dizzying frequency! And keep those comments coming! Be like Donald Trump and say what’s on your mind! (Well, but don’t do his hair thing.)

Thanks again for your support! You guys are the best!

Love always,



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  1. Love your blogs, Jessica. It’s great to see you keeping things fresh while still acknowledging the beautiful past that made you, and us as fans/readers, who we are. My favorite was when you went to the Stones concert. Popular (and general) culture when shared through the lens of one of its icons is a real treat. Keep them coming!

  2. Wendy says:

    I enjoy following your blog. Your writing is fresh and funny! Check mine out too when you have a chance!


  3. Shelli Dill says:

    Saw you on Proof tonight and was prompted to look you up, that’s how I came upon your site. Been a fan going way back to Shock Treatment, after having been part of a RHPS troupe in 1982/83.
    It was great seeing you and I hope to see more of your work soon. I’m planning to delve into your blog as time permits, lol.
    Warmest regards!

  4. Don Williams says:

    Pennies from Heaven was my favorite movie ever…I felt this way mostly because you were in it …It would of been a good movie anyway. But, with you in it that made it a great movie..

  5. Nick Iannone says:

    All I can say is, keep doing what you’re doing!

    I first saw you on the not-so-silver screen in my college dorm room when my love of Rocky Horror led into my love of Shock Treatment (a curiously rare distinction), which I share with my soon-to-be-fiancée, Sydney. My first thoughts were “That’s not Susan Sarandon… but she’s a way better singer!” It’s true, when asked about my favorite song from Richard O’Brien’s repertoire, my answer is invariably your infectious rendition of “Little Black Dress”.

    Fast-forward to today, when traversing some old fan websites led me to your blog. I had no idea you were so prolific in writing, acting, and cooking! Your websites are stylish and well-made, and your writing is delightful.

    Somehow, I get the feeling that your cookbook is soon going to be gracing my kitchen cabinet, and eventually, your children’s books are going to be filling our little bookshelves.

    Keep up the good work, Jessica!

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