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Tie One On

If you want to get with the Democratic program and join the Brotherhood Of The Traveling Tie, here’s some info on where you can buy a light blue tie (if you live in L.A.): Bloomingdales carries their own brand for $50, Macy’s has a variety of light blue ties ranging in price from $50-$85, and Neiman Marcus has a Brioni for $165.

J. Crew has no light blue, only navy. (Must be Republican territory.)

But the best is at Ralph Lauren’s shop in Beverly Hills. Clean, mean and sleek, it’ll cost you $175. I know because I bought one for my husband for his birthday, which had to be retired after its first outing; Tom spilled fudge sauce on it at a Democraic fundraiser. I almost hit him with a frying pan, but the Ralph Lauren box was an adequate weapon…(see photo).……


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