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Retail Therapy: Christmas Forever

If you are appalled by the price or just the fact of Christmas trees, poinsettias, wreaths, mistletoe  and other décor ripped from nature, you might need to check out the realm of the “forever” varieties.

I recently discovered GM Floral Supplies, whose name is way too modest considering its inventory. At this huge shop upstairs above LA’s downtown flower market, you’ll find any kind of Christmas décor and other paraphernalia you can imagine, especially if your taste leans towards the garish.

There are poinsettias trimmed in glitter, made to last about a millenium, along with similarly non-biodegradable wreaths and stuff, and the Christmas trees are spectacular.

They come in all colors, but the pink one is a standout. At $229 it’s pricey, but I saw a real tree at a lot in the valley for $210, and that’ll be dead by Tuesday. You could leave this pink number in your daughter’s room until she goes to college. (Then make her take it with her.)

They also have massive fake icicles suspended from the ceiling, for those desperate to simulate winter in toasty LA, as well as an appealing plastic polar bear, all glittery, dignified, two feet high, for forty bucks. Cheaper and less species-endangering than harvesting one in the wild, by a long shot. (Why am I suddenly thinking of Sarah Palin?)

You can also find Christmas ornaments the size of basketballs, candles, boxes, wrapping paper, and the world’s most astonishing collection of ribbon (I went ribbon rampant.)

If you don’t live in L.A., I’m sure you have a similar venue. If you DO live here, follow my directions to get to this fascinating place. Drive east on the 10 to the 110 North, get off at 9th St., and stay on it, heading south, for a couple miles til you hit Wall Street. (I know, scary, right? Another frickin; Wall Street?) Go left, and down a couple blocks and you’re there. You’ll see people coming out schlepping pink trees.You will be at the flower markeet, just take the escalator up to GM. (I know, scary, right? Another GM.)


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