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I just heard on the radio that in the American Airlines Sky Mall catalogue, there’s a device for sale, a clock that only tells you what day it is.

Normally, when purchasing a clock, I look for one that has a few more bells and whilstles, one that tells you what time it is, for example. Of course, when I travel, my iPhone serves as my source of such information, plus anything else I might want to now, from the temperature in Dubai to John Mayer’s shoe size.

But last week I went to the Caribbean, and now I totally get it about  AA’s day clock: there is a land (and a state of mind) where the name of the day is all the temporal info you need.

We got to Nevis (in the West Indies) on Sunday. I was carrying three time-telling devices. Within hours, I’d shed my watch. By Monday, I’d shut down and stowed my laptop. By Tuesday, I was feeling hostile towards my iPhone: I clicked it off and threw it in my suitcase. That was it. I was time-less, as was the rest of my sun-stunned family, only guessing the hour by the length of the shadows cast by our hammocks.

The AA clock would have come in handy when we almost forgot to catch that plane home on New Years Day. But late one night (which the day clock would have told us was Thursday), we noticed revelers singing “Auld Lang Syne,” and we recalled our obligations and acknowledged that it was time to strap on our watches and pack our sandy bags.

We’re on the airplane now, revving up our various electronic things and preparing for re-entry. I think I’ll just leave my watch set for Nevis time, maybe put it away for a while and get one of those AA day clocks. Because it turns out that’s all you really need. Well, that and a hammock.


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  1. Scot Colford says:

    I love Sky Mall. One day I will live in a home furnished entirely with Sky Mall items — furniture, gadgets, clothing, and jewelry. I would have made a better video for this song, but Jonathan Coulton expresses my love very well, if very ironically:

  2. Cocodix says:

    Ciao Jessica. Come va? Super baci. Francesco.

  3. Michael Rich says:

    Hi there Jessica:
    Sitting here recouping from some minor cervical spinal surgery on Monday and hoping that you were able to track down some Hagis on Nevis! Sounds like you all had a ball and hopefully are all enjoying the huge success of Avitar which I have seen in both 2 and 3D btw. Loved it.
    Had dinner with AJ and reports you are well but frustrated with the eye thing which sucks I know. I do hope that on one of your eastern swings we can grab a cup of coffee or a meal as I would love to catch up. Starting to get into the college thing with Olivia mid way through her junior year and so that should be interesting.
    Will be seeing Peter Seaman at yet another family funeral next week in Lake Forest ( he has a torn achilles heel ) so we will gimp about together. Happy New year and may it be wonderful.Best,M

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