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Retail Therapy: A Green Christmas

The photo in this post features my dog, Oliver, reclining before the Christmas tree. The reason he looks so content, full of yuletide glory, is because he just ate most of the ornaments that were so carefully hung on the tree the day before.

I caught him just in time to save a hand-creweled mini-stocking, which he spat out in response to my curse words. I re-hung it, much higher up, along with any other ornaments in pooch range, so the bare bottom half of the tree now looks slightly ridiculous, like it forgot its pants.

Luckily, Oliver did not choose to chew the Christmas lights, because they are very special this year. They are LED lights, and I’ve been bragging about them all over town.

LED stands for, uh, I forget what, except the D is for diode, but the point is, they are energy-efficient, reducing your Christmas carbon footprint (or in Oliver’s case, pawprint) by a whole lot. They last FOREVER; they will still be twinkiling after the apocalypse. And cute? You can see in the photo, behind the silhouette of Mr. Destructo.

You can get these lights, if you haven’t already committed to the other kind (SO last century) at for about $16 a strand. Priscilla Woolworth is the proprietor of this online store that sells lots of fabulous green stuff, like reusable water bottles, photo albums made of recycled plastic, and solar task lights. If you haven’t already bought your boyfriend a yodeling pickle, go buy him a head scratcher at Priscilla’s for $4 and he will love you forever.

I was going to buy Oliver a head scratcher but after the episode with the tree, that dog is getting coal.


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  1. I will have to check those lights out for next year. I don’t use the big horking bulbs, but even those little twinly ones use more energy than these.

  2. Julie Wagner says:

    Oliver looks to be a youngish sort of pup. My new yellow lab (Bode) is only 9 months old and experiencing his first Christmas. Since I anticipated my own broken heart with any destroyed heirloom ornamenst, I decorated the entire tree with seashells (mostly mussel and scallop) collected on nearby beaches. Once covered in edible white glue and Martha Stewarts “all natural” glitter they looked fantastic and I figured no more harmful than Bode’s regular walks on the beach with us. They have been so popular with friends and family that I have orders for full sets for next year’s holidays!

    Bode of course eagerly greeted everything about the recent holidays — christmas cookies, eggnog and lots of wrapping paper, but since he was born on March 17th, I think he is really looking forward to Saint Patrick’s Day!

    Keep up the great writing, I really enjoy your style — looking forward to the new book for my 9 year old nephew.

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