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I love Jott, a free  application you can download to your phone. Here’s how it works. When you think of something you know you are in danger of forgetting within seconds (this happens to me a hundred times a day as I am brain-challenged),  you speed dial Jott and at the prompt, leave yourself a spoken message, which is transcribed and sent to you as an email for later reading or storing in your to-do list. For a mere $3.95, you can upgrade to send similar messages to other people.

It’s miraculous: no more texting, just more talking.

There can be glitches however.

While we were at “Quantum Solace” the other night, I stepped out in the lobby to Jott my kids the following message: “This movie sucks.”  (Practicing Jotting was an infinitely better use of my time than watching that big, fat, boring movie.) However, the phone service in the lobby was dicey, with interesting results.

When we got home, I was greeted by my daughter with, “MOM! Do you KNOW what you JOTTED ME???” I had not seen her look so grossed out since our dog ate a lizard. (Actually, being a discriminating creature, he only ate half a lizard, leaving the tail.)
“Why yes,” I said as calm as Obama. “I Jotted you, ‘This movie sucks.’ Why?”

Nora dragged me to her computer to look. My message had been transcribed as follows: “I love sex.”

So, if you Jott, make sure you’re in a full service area, or you might send out a little TMI and then you’ll have to pay for your teenager to go to a therapist.


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  1. Ryan says:

    Hahahaha! That is classic!!

    I’ve never heard of Jott before, but it sounds very helpful… well, most of the time!

  2. suzanne says:

    The Post-It company will go out of business if I subscribe to Jott. Think of the jobs lost! It is therefore my patriotic duty to continue color-coding my post-it reminder notes to myself, such is my lot.

  3. Dave says:

    That’s a story that I am sure you will find more amusing given time. As for “Quantum of Solace”, big, fat and boring more or less sums it up. I literally could not tell what on Earth was going on as the action scenes were cut so fast. You know you’re watching a bad James Bond movie when you start dreading the action scenes!

  4. The Victim says:

    still waiting for that therapy session….

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