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Who’s Comfort Food Is This Anyway?

My daughter Nora is going to Florence on Monday for a semester abroad. Her last two years in Providence made her distant enough from L.A., but Italy qualifies as S.F.A.. (That’s So Far Away, not Saks Fifth Avenue.)

To calm Nora during the pre-departure countdown I’m fulfilling her every food-related wish. I made her oatmeal cookies (using vegan bogus butter since Nora’s off dairy at the moment). What’s better comfort food than milk and cookies? (Almond milk, in Nora’s case.)

I didn’t stop there. “Can I make you a sandwich? Any fave dishes you want before you go? What do you want for dinner? How ‘bout some stuff to take on the plane? Anything, I’ll make anything.” When it became clear that I was getting on Nora’s nerves, rather than soothing them, I made a note-to-self to back off. She is going to Italy, after all. (I’m told they have food there.)

As most of you know, you won’t often catch me aggressively offering to cook like this. You might be wondering just who in this picture is the one who’s on edge. That would make you an astute observer of maternal behavior. I admit it: I’m jumpy. My nest has been half full all summer, and going back to empty is freaking me out, hence the bizarre hyperactivity in the kitchen. It is actually Tom and I who will be needing comfort food in the days ahead.

If you see us driving home from the airport on a Monday, you can be sure of two things. 1. Our tears will not be related to the traffic jam on the 405. 2. When we get home, we’re heading straight for the cookie jar.


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  1. If you promise to cook food that a diabetic can eat I can come and half fill your nest (Or slightly more, as no doubt I’m larger than she.) *grin* Sounds good. I don’t think I’ve met almond milk, but almonds are good for us!

  2. My heart goes out to you. We put our son on a plane again yesterday after a few months of him visiting. Who would imagine missing a 21 year old who can’t seem to pick his clothes up off the floor? (Apparently I do!). Almond milk? Does it do the trick with cookies? We actually have some in the fridge that I’m afraid to open. Now, if I had an oatmeal cookie with vegan butter, I’d probably need some almond milk to go with it! Sounds like a good childrens book. If you give a parent who’s child just flew too far away, a cookie. (it would never sell!)

  3. Lloyd says:

    Hey Jessica, you rock. I do not have any children but my brother does, he dropped off his 3rd oldest son at Hampton University in Virginia during the hurricane, and he said that he cried when he and his wife left him.

    I am lactose intolerance but I love oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies!

    Hi to Oliver!!!

  4. Joannie says:

    Start planning your visit! Dorothy was in England for her junior year abroad and I joined her in the middle of her semester. We did Prague, Budapest, Vienna and London. Life time memories.
    The Crabby Cook must bring Italian cuisine to the masses. You two can blissfully eat your way across the continent. You’ll love it!
    In any case, she’ll be back before you know it.

  5. Hannah Hempstead says:

    Who took that fab pic of the cookies and milk
    and where can I get a snappy tablecloth like that?

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