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Treat Or Treat-ish?

HalloweenCupcakes 1PumpkinMuffinsLite 2So if you were me, or even if you weren’t, which treat would you pick on Halloween?

It’s a day when everyone deserves (or at least feels entitled to) eat something sweet and at least slightly orange without actually being an orange or anything else that is healthy. So if you were me (or you) would you go with the ridiculously sweet and buttery festive muffin you saw at Joan’s On Third in West Hollywood? Or would you exercise restraint and go with  the gluten-free, dairy-free pumpkin muffin you baked yesterday in honor of your daughter who likes such things?

If you were me (or some other person with limited patience) you’d realize that in order to eat the one at Joan’s, you’d have to stand in line to buy it, likely for fifteen minutes. Whereas the g-f d-f alternative already sits fetchingly  on your kitchen counter. For me, it’s a no-brainer, sort of. Now that I’m home nibbling on the g-f d-f, I’m feeling non-buyer’s remorse–the muffin is not bad, but it’s Halloween, for Pete’s sake!

Since you are not me, go to Joan’s and buy the damn cupcake.

Joan’s On Third8350 W. 3rd St., WeHo, or 1705 Ocean Ave., SaMo, or 12059 Ventura Pl., Studio City (StuCy?)


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