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The Smelly Feet Man

So, did you hear about the guy in Rotterdam who got thrown out of college because he had smelly feet? I know: it’s a killer story.

Get this: Teunis Tenbrook (known in the press as the “Smelly Feet Man”) just won a TEN YEAR legal battle to get re-enrolled at Erasmus University, where students and faculty had complained that they couldn’t focus on their studies due to the extraordinarily obnoxious odor of the SFM’s feet.

Now, call me overly practical, say I’m madly money-conscious, but I’m thinking of the legal fees the SFM must’ve incurred over the decade. I mean, wouldn’t it have been more cost-effective to, say, wash his socks? I mean, with what those lawyers charge, you could even hire a couple of sock-washers. (It’s a dirty job, but I know a couple of ex-governors looking for work.).

You could even bloody well buy new socks every day and still come out way ahead, by my calculations. (I’m told, by the way, that Jerry Lewis wears new socks every day. I’m not sure if this is accurate, or just a thrilling rumor, but you don’t see old J.L. getting thrown out of college.)

Anyway, the court has ruled that you can’t expel a guy for odor issues, so the SFM is back in, the judge telling those offended ones that they will just have to “hold their noses.” The SFM’s working on a degree in philosophy. Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, he graduates soon, or he won’t be the only one making a big stink.


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  1. Interesting story on a couple of counts. I belong to a Central Ohio ukelele group.We last met last Sunday afternoon for a little jam session, I brought a flask of valerian tea. I was accused for two hours of having smelly feet and one gal even thought it was my breath. I had great fun knowing it was that smelly tea. Valerian tea is now banned from all meetings.

    The second story is my Uke friend, named Shelley Rickey, she was born and raised in Mississippi but now lives, works and performs in Rotterdam. She plays a mean uke and loves 1930’s vintage music. Not only does she have talent but she is also cuter than a squirrel’s belly. Check out this Ink Spots tune.

  2. Shelley says:

    Hi Jessica,
    My buddy Mike (from the previous response) sent me the link to this mail. Somehow i missed this news (where have i been) from Rotterdam. I do however remember last summer that there was a ‘toe sucker’ loose. He would sneak up on girls laying in the park and then suck their toes! What is it with Rotterdam and feet?

  3. Jessica Harper says:

    Wow. Okay so when I go to Rotterdam, I’m keeping my shoes on…

  4. Cocodix says:

    Jerry Lewis è un grande. Ciao. Cocodix

  5. Lloyd says:

    wow interesting, I love your blogs; it is true about Jerry Lewis, I heard that years ago

  6. Jessica!!!…I love it when you “do the math”….new socks everyday is brilliant….and I’m lovin the idea of Blagoyovich washin’ feet….heh heh heh…….

  7. Submarine Mark says:

    Hi again Jessica!
    We once had a guy on board the Submarine whose work boots smelled so bad that he chased everybody out of the berthing area (sleeping area) when he took them off to go to bed. After two nights of this, someone took his boots and compacted them and shot them out of the bottom of the sub in the trash compactor/ejector. That was the end of that problem But I sure feel sorry for old Davy Jones!

  8. Jessica Harper says:

    That is a GREAT story!

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