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Getting Crabby For The Holidays

The Crabby Cook Book by Jessica Harper

Okay, it’s time to start blowing my horn…my new book, The Crabby Cook Cookbook is in my hands and in stores and on Amazon and all over the place! After almost three years of writing, cooking and cursing (heavy on the latter), I can’t quite believe it! If you, too, are having credulity issues, you can check out an excerpt on Scribd. Official pub date is in January, and I’ll be touring, hopefully to cities that all of you guys can access…I’ll keep you posted as to dates and locations…I’m looking forward to a very Crabby New Year….!


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  1. Submarine Mark says:

    Can’t wait to get my copy and hopefully get the oppourtunity to meet you at a book signing.

  2. If I were a dog I would be a blood hound because I like to investigate ideas,avenues to see where they lead me ?

    If Jessica was a dog I’m thinking ……a really cute Collie that likes to go at a pace that would make the rest of us dogs lie down and just watch her go.

    Apparently retirement,isn’t part of the vocabulary for this actor,singer,mother,wife,dog walker,writer,chief and let’s not even consider the housework,pool -vacuming and house repairs.She probably has 14 hobbies we don’t know about yet.

    GOD,… much work and success can one person rack up in one lifetime ??

    In the end the book will be great because everything Jessica does is unforgettable,and driven with perfection.

    Then maybe she will lay down by the fireplace and nap for a few minutes :0(

  3. cynthia says:

    Jessica, the book is so great! I ordered 5 copies as Christmas presents for my cooking friends. They claim to like cooking but I think they are closet crabby cooks.
    Thanks for putting a voice to my thoughts in such a delightful book, with the bonus of recipes that I can actually cook!
    Hooray! Well done!

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