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Not. Traditional. Christmas.

While I am baking ugly but delicious Christmas cookies, wrapping a cat calendar for my feline-obsessed brother, wondering why none of my seven pairs of black shoes seems to work with my Christmas party frock, wishing I had some peppermint bark, debating whether to send a holiday card to the ex-friend who made rude remarks about the mulled wine I made, and fretting over what to get my husband for Christmas when I know all he wants is Lakers tickets and new socks, I am listening to the Christmas CD I made some years ago, and I’m getting a kick out of it.

While you are tangled up in pre-holiday moments, take a listen. It might be just the thing.

• Children Go Where I Send Thee – Listen Now >
• Ain’t That A Rockin’ – Listen Now >
• Mary Had A Baby – Listen Now >

All songs from my album Not A Traditional Christmas.


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  1. Scot Colford says:

    I *love* this CD of yours. (But then, I can’t name a recording of yours I *don’t* love.) It’s been in my holiday mix since before Thanksgiving, along with A Broadway Christmas (Varese Sarabande), Josh Groban’s Noel (Reprise), and the huge collection of Sufjan Stevens’ Songs for Christmas (Asthmatic Kitty).

    You are all in really good, warm, gay company. And it makes me very happy.

  2. joannie says:

    THIS is why we read, because, when we read we discover, to our great comfort, the universality of all experience.
    First, I love your songs;, wonderful velvety, smokey voice and sweetly rocking rhythms.
    Now, the line that really set me back was the 7 pairs of black shoes. That makes you sound sooooo at our stage of life. I, too, have 7 pairs of black heels, none of which seem to fit the bill when it comes to pairing suitably with my holiday finery. That said, that makes me feel like my life has gotten to be far too SOMETHING, and I’m not sure what that is.
    As I catalogued my little troop of mighty black warriors, I kind of ranked them and one pair really stood out. This is what my life used to be like.
    My Stuart Weitzman microfiber pumps are the grand dames of the pack. I’ve had them for more than 25 years, longer than I’ve known my kids. I know I’ve worn them the equivalent of to the moon and back because I walked to every appointment and lunch date in the city when I was working. The don’t look a day over 3 years old, I could wear them ANYWHERE, rain, snow, sleet, delivering mail.
    I have lifelong goodwill for the Stuart Weitzman company because of these shoes.
    I imagine Mr. Weitzman as elegant, slender, wise and kind. Love went into these shoes, angels made them. They are something you can count on, feel like yourself in, realax. What Jimmy Choos were to Carrie Bradford, these are to me. A banker’s fantasy of stability in a crazy world. Solemates(sorry).
    So, you got me thinking. Thanks for sharing your wonderful music, it frames the season and will become on of my 15 Christmas cd’s. Hope your holidays are filled with family, faithful friends, warm memories and delicious food.
    Lots of love……

  3. Okay, so you act, you cook, AND you sing? You Renaissance woman, you!

  4. Donald Farmer says:

    I love it when you sing and your Christmas songs put anything on the radio to shame! Especially enjoyed MARY HAD A BABY!

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