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John Edwards Is A Multi-tasker

My family and I are finally on board the plane that is taking us to Cape Cod for a long-anticipated summer vacation.

Perverse as it may seem, I actually sort of look forward to air travel these days because of its enforced limits on multi-tasking. (If you want to read my last post on the subject of multi-tasking, click here, although then you will be multi-tasking, as you’ll be reading two things at once, so bear that in mind.)

Without the phone, the internet, the kitchen, and the dog, I have the luxury of being unable to do anything except write this. Well, plus maybe listen to my iPod, glance at the in-flight movie (“Kung Fu Panda”), eat, and avoid conversation with the woman sitting next to me, who is suffering from Blackberry Withdrawal Syndrome. (You’d recognize the symptoms if you could see her: she has gone all inert, drooping in her seat, apparently unable to address any unwired task, like reading the Us magazine in her lap. Typical B.W.S.)

Anyway, here’s what’s bugging me: just before boarding, I heard the news that John Edwards is apparently no stranger to multi-tasking himself: he’s admitted he was simultaneously having an affair and running for president.

So, just as I was looking forward to a light task load for five hours, I find I have several new things to do: I have to be stunned by J.E.’s insanity, and feel relieved that he’s not the Democratic candidate, I need to be pissed off at him on Elizabeth’s behalf, and I have to just generally be disgusted that he’s such a big fat jerk.

Processing all these feelings will take time and energy that could have been devoted to refining this post, or to a more focused appreciation of Jack Black’s finely nuanced performance in “KFP.”

Ah, well. At least I’m not suffering from B.W.S. And, hey, I’m on my way to Cape Cod. (Yes.) More on that later……



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  1. Ryan says:

    Have a wonderful vacation, Jessica!

  2. Jessica Harper says:

    Thanks Ryan!

  3. Coggie says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading a blog by you. I used to listen to you sing from “Phantom of The Paradise” (my brother’s album) over and over the summer of ’77. I totally forgot about the film and the soundtrack until tonight when I was watching the Summer Olympics (bizarrely enough) and it hit me, “I wonder what Paul Williams looks like now.” Relieved you’re a mom and regular, like me.

    I wish I could go on summer vacation, but we blew our wad the past few years. Have to settle on staying home. Hawaii next year for sure.

  4. Ben says:

    I’m always glad to meet somebody who, like me, cares about ice cream enough to do comparative studies! I know of desperate nights of vanilla and grape nuts. I, too, am based in the Los Angeles area and can’t wait to try Scoops!

    Also, this summer I am working on a research project that entails reading The New York Times from the late ’70s, and I stumbled upon an article about you that came out around SUSPIRIA’s release titled “New Face: Perils of Jessica Harper” Your humor, which I have now become accustomed to on this blog, absolutely made my day!:

    “It was obscene. And then Sara comes after me. Then the house is blown to smithereens–the special effects man went crazy–and I burst into a smile as I leave, though I don’t know why.”

    Best review of the film I’ve ever read. Of course, I would have been smiling, too, after getting away from Joan Bennett and Alida Valli and their passive aggressive creepiness. Have a lovely trip.

  5. Lynette says:

    What in god’s name is with these guys anyway. And it is mostly a guy thing. An then why do their wives feel they have to stand with them at the confessional. Just more exhibitionism of the really rotten kind.Too bad Elizabeth didn’t have a large frying pan to bop hard on the head after his “confession”for all the world to see. Now there’s a really GOOD idea.

    Hope the Cape is dreamy. Love, Lynete

  6. John Fulcher says:

    But Bill Clinton did the samething and he’s treated like Jesus by every democrate in America. Why be so mad at Johnny? The funny thing is the John Edwards situation is very similar to what happened to Janet in SHOCK TREATMENT. She got told how wonderful and beautiful she was and soon she felt she was too good for dumpy old Brad. All that adulation can make even the simplest soul start believing the hype, let alone an already egotistical trial lawyer.

    I’m a libertarian but I supported Hillary. As a leo (notoriously loyal) I’ve never understood why men cheat. Especially on a woman as beautiful, sexy, and smart as Hillary Clinton.

    Enjoy your stay, have a happy holiday, Jessica.

  7. Jessica Harper says:

    An apt comparison John, Janet and Johnny…and I do think we’re all pissed off at Bill too, not to mention Spitzer and Hart and….well, etc….

  8. scott says:

    I think we all would have been mad at Bill Clinton about his philandering, if we hadn’t been more mad at the way the other side tried to turn it into a high crime, instead of just being the usual base non-crime.

    I try not to judge people I don’t know; if you’re not close enough to have a good grasp of what their shoes are like, you shouldn’t try to imagine how you would stand in them. Instead, we imagine too much of the circumstances based on our own circumstances.

    Of course, when a guy is a serial philanderer, it’s fair to hold that against him. There clearly is something about Bill that is simply broken. On the other hand, he’s so much fun to listen to that you tend to be able to put your distaste on hold. Obama is a wonderful speaker, but Clinton is an amazing speaker in a completely different way, much more conversational and much more rooted in facts and associations.

  9. Dave says:

    If you have a taste for lobster stew, you’re sure to fall in love with Old Cape Cod.

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