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It’s Raining Babies!

Here’s a quick follow-up to my previous post about the Albany baby who fell from a window into the arms of a postal worker:

Another child, a one-year-old girl named Cindy, fell from a window in Queens last Wednesday.

She plummeted four stories, but landed on two balls in a backyard stairwell, which saved her life. She’s in stable condition in the hospital.

What’s up in New York? It’s raining babies, but luckily, miracles are in abundance. I mean, two balls? Not one ball, which would have been insufficient to prevent disaster, but two. Who leaves two balls in a stairwell? Not a human, an angel. Maybe the same angel, or a close personal friend of the one who placed the postal worker in position to catch the Albany baby in his arms.

Although it seems like the angels are on the job, if I were in New York and the parent of a little one, living above the ground floor, I’d put some bars on the windows. This baby-falling thing seems to be a trend, and the angels might be exceptionally busy just when I need them. They’d be rushing to and fro to catch other falling babies, all of whom, including the girls in Albany and Queens, should some day have a party to celebrate the miracles that saved them.


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  1. Suzanne! says:

    I just heard a story about a teenage girl, I believe also in Manhattan, who was showing off the family’s rooftop deck to a friend. They were 14 stories up. Somehow this girl lost her balance and fell down the chimney, falling (and bouncing, no doubt) down all fourteen floors, only to land in a two foot deep pile of ash. Rescuers cut a hole in the base of the chimney, pulling the girl to safety. She was barely bruised. How bout those busy angels?

  2. Jessica Harper says:

    Whoa. That’ll make you think. Someone should give Santa a heads up on that building!

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