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‘WINNETKA’ Trailer: The Unexpected

Harper Family

Hi friends!

We are very close to our Feb. 4 launch date! Here’s a trailer that gives you an idea of what to expect…the unexpected.

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2 Responses
  1. Connie Geocaris says:

    We lived in Winnetka in the 50s and went to crow island. You and Billy at the same age as my brother Jim. I think you were in some of his classes. Billy Harper was wild I remember. I’m wondering the years your siblings were born. I bet some were in mine or my brother John’s classes. I love your podcast.

    • Jessica Harper says:

      Hi Connie, I totally remember Jim Geocaris! I will send your message on to my brother Billy–yes, he was wild!
      Thanks so much for listening to the podcast!
      PS my oder sister was burn in ’48, Billhy and I in ’49, others in ’54 and ’56.
      All the best,

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