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Happy Vegan Birthday, Mr. Clinton!

On August 19th, Bill Clinton turned 65, and he became a vegan.

On that same day, my daughter Elizabeth turned 22. She will not be going vegan until there is figure skating in hell.

I took the birthday girl and her boyfriend out for dinner in New York on the day, and, predictably, she ordered a cheeseburger and fries and chocolate cake. If Bill Clinton had shared her meal, he’d have required an after dinner ambulance. Others of us would be speed-dialing the liposuctionist. (Or are they called liposuckers?) But Elizabeth eats even more than Clinton used to, and still maintains a slim body and good cholesterol numbers. I have trouble seeing the fairness here.

August 19th also happens to be the birthday of Coco Chanel. Her eating habits are among the few things Google does not reveal, but my guess is she was neither a vegan nor a chow hound in the style of Elizabeth or early Clinton, and I bet she never ate a Big Mac, but if she did, I’m pretty sure she was their best-dressed customer.

Actually, the news of the ex-Pres.’s shift in eating habits revived my interest in exploring veganism, but I need to confirm that martinis are allowed. While I investigate, I am going to eat some steak (here’s the recipe) just in case I actually do get veganized and swear it off forever.

Eat your heart out, Bill.


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