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“Hair” Looks Terrific

A few weeks ago, I took my daughter Elizabeth to see “Hair” in Central Park.

It was a perfect, magical New York night, and the Delacorte was jammed with a whole new wave of Hairies. They went mad, infected by the exuberance of the cast and the music and the beauty of the night.

The show is set in the ’60’s but the songs still resonate; the anti-war message has, sadly, a whole new relevance. Nonetheless, although I’m not sure if we’re still in the Age of Aquarius, with “sympathy and trust abounding,” it sure felt like it that night.

At the curtain call, my 19-year-old daughter went on stage with her cousin and a couple hundred other people to dance, and I realized I was exactly Elizabeth’s age when I was in “Hair” on Broadway, way back when, and I cried.

Happily, “Hair” is moving to Broadway in January, so if you’re in NYC, go see it.

Let the sunshine in!


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  1. Cocodix says:

    Good evening Jessica. I invite you on my blog for a comment for celebrate the birthday of Paul Williams (I wrote a post about his birthday). Please. Ciao. Francesco
    P.S.: Excuse my terrible english.

  2. Cocodix says:

    Passo solo per un saluto. Ciao. Francesco

  3. Miranda says:

    I actually just went to see Hair on Broadway last week and it was absolutely fantastic. There was so much love in the cast that, even though I thought I never would (I’m too shy), I went up on the stage at the end to sing “Let The Sun Shine”. I was completely inspired by this production and now always try to share a little “sunshine” with others.


  4. Don Kehn, Jr. says:

    Dear Jessica,

    Calloo! Callay! For a longtime fan who has wanted for many years to see a photo of my favorite actress in that legendary production, I appreciate the little pic immensely. There you are!

    As someone from that generation myself, I well understand your feelings and emotion about “Let the Sunshine In”– And it is STILL moving even now, although somewhat more poignant than piquant these days…

    For many of us, YOU continue to bring the sunshine, Harper, believe me.

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