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For “Phantom” Fans: Talk About A Captive Audience….

An excellent story from Ken Tipton:

“In 1975, I was in the Air Force stationed in Iceland when “Phantom” came through and I worked a part-time job as the base projectionist. As it does in Iceland, we had a mammoth blizzard hit while I ran two movies.  An English comedy called “Alvin Purple” and “Phantom of the Paradise”.

We were trapped in the base theater for four days because of the snow and wound up running “Phantom” over and over and over. We had plenty of K-rations that were stored in the theater and we wound up giving away all the soda, candy, and popcorn for free. After the first day, we had people coming on stage to mimic the actors like they do at the “Rocky Horror” movie until we had a production of our own that was great. I was chosen as the winner of the various people who played “Philbin”.

The roads were finally carved out of the snow and ice and we all left vowing to NEVER watch that goofy ass movie again. But as the years went by, I grew to love it.

My SAG card is current and I understand that Brian has a remake in development. I will bust my butt to audition for that project.  What goes around does come around and I paid my dues with that movie.”


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  1. Ryan M. says:

    A remake of “Phantom,” eh? I’m usually dismissive of remakes, but this one might pan out with de Palma at the helm. I’d love to see you make a cameo.

    On a similar topic, I’m pleased that the SUSPIRIA remake appears to have been canned. I don’t think anyone, Argento included, could improve upon that film’s style.

  2. Cocodix says:

    Apetto con ansia. Ciao e a presto. Francesco.

  3. tiftif says:

    Will De Palma keep the same soundtrack ?

  4. Jordan says:

    I love Phantom. Honestly, it easily falls in my top 5 most watchable/enjoyable films list. I’m not sure how often you check the comments here, but thank you for just being sincerely awesome.

    Also, there may be a Phantom of the Paradise screening in Pittsburgh this October… just if you happen to be in the neighborhood… =)

  5. thanks for writing Jordan…Pittsburgh in October? Hmmmmm…well, you never know..thanks for the heads up!

  6. Oh my god !!!

    What is really happening with the “creative” people of this century?

    Just another “remake” of a masterpiece and nothing new to offer to Us. There are A BUNCH of remakes and “refryed” songs, movies, tv-series on the air.

    Fantom of the Paradise is a perfect masterpiece and another “remake” of it or even a parody, will be a fake. Almost a sacrilege.

    Is like a phoney tell us thath he or she will recreate the Leonardo’s “Monalisa” witha SimpsonÅ›-like point of vew, just to update it !!!!

    Please do not touch the Phantom !!!

    Please let him rest in peace !!!

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