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For “Phantom” Fans: Halloween On FMC

The Fox Movie Channel has a series running on Friday nights called “Fox Legacy,” hosted by Tom Rothman…he does a commentary before and after the movie Fox is showing that night, and again during the weekend.

On Halloween night, Friday the 31st, the movie will be “Phantom Of the Paradise,” and I’ll be co-hosting with TR…..So go trick-or-treating early, then curl up with your bag of loot and watch….or have your own “Phantom” sing-along…..


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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I think it’s safe to say that all of Winnipeg will be curled up in front of their TV’s on Halloween night. Thank you and TR for bringing this “phantastic” film back to the masses!

  2. Jessica Harper says:

    Yay, Winnepeg! I love you.

  3. Brandon Quinn says:

    The year was 1974…I was but a pup of only 6 1/2 years….My dad & I took in a matinee of this PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE on it’s opening day at I think it was the (shit-bag, closet-sized) 4plex at the Eagle Rock Plaza…and here it is, 34 years later (!!!! is it really??) and I’m still a DEVO-ted fan of all y’all’s, Jessica!! You must’ve done something right to have kept my ADAM ANT (adamant) attention for all these long years, madame. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be just that you are so damn cool, ya think. Anyhow, lest I digress even further into the nether regions (“Is THAT what they call that these days??”) allow me simply to suffice to say that I WUV EWE, and although I do not have cable, or even watch telly in the slightest, I will find out whom it is that eye know who mightenst have this cable station capability at their home already, and eye will be there on all hallows `even so’s eye can watch you host that tired old bitch!! Damn all evil that takes posession…anyhow, you know the rest!!

  4. Brandon Quinn says:

    Oh yeah…
    p.s…..are you EVER going to give a live concert of YOUR music in L.A. again???
    Pleeaasseeeee!! I’ll be your best friend, uh, or I mean, your very very bestest fan?!? pleeeeasesese!! I SO WANTED to (& thoroughly intended) to be there that night, what 8 years ago?? “Daddy I want to go to a Jesica Harper concert NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (~Veruca Salt reference, that) Pleeeeeeaaassee!!

  5. Anna says:

    I am SO Tivoing that….

  6. Chris Mack says:

    It will be a double feature of Jessica this Halloween here in Baltimore!
    After we watch “Phantom…” on Fox (& funny enough my daughter is named Phoenix!). My wife and I will get really spooked by watching “Suspiria” on DVD. One of my all time fav’s…Happy Halloween from the Mack Family!

  7. Flip says:

    Perfect. Thank you so much for the alert. I just set my DVR and will look forward to watching you and the film after the trick or treaters leave the neighborhood. Cheers for now, Flip

  8. Cocodix says:

    Si guarda sempre con piacere.Ciao. Francesco.

  9. Jessica Harper says:

    thanks for all your comments…Francesco, dico grazie tanto, mi dispiace que non parlo bene italiano, pero….grazie.

  10. Dave says:

    I live in Canada and we don’t get that channel, sadly, but I’d watch it if I were there. Why? Because my soul, is an old soul, baby.

  11. Jessica Harper says:

    Yep….it’s older than all our years..!

  12. Beth says:

    First time I saw Phantom of the Paradise was at the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society clubhouse. They had a print of the film which was projected for members (in the days before videos, etc.) It had to have been not long after the film was released. It’s remained one of my favorites. I Tivo’d Phantom on FMC and started watching it and then saw the interview! What a treat and a surprise. Thanks!

  13. Ryan says:

    I don’t get that channel or I certainly would have watched. I’m gonna show Suspiria to my friends tonight, though (Yes, I know it’s the day after Halloween, nobody was really in the mood to watch movies last night, lol). 🙂

    Hope you and your family had a great Halloween, Jessica!

  14. Ari says:

    Nicely done – and very crafty/romantic of your husband, I think, to have put together a piece that’s as suitable for Valentines Day as for Hallowe’en. Glad to see that all those wallops with frying pans haven’t knocked his priorities out of him!


  15. Hah! Thanks for your comment Ari…Yes, that frying pan is a great training tool! Keeps ’em in line!
    But he’s also very sweet and romantic, in spite of the abuse!

  16. Tim Underwood says:

    I didn’t read about the showing on FMC till after and would have really enjoyed seeing you as the host. I own a DVD copy of Phantom and Suspiria as well as Shock Treatment and still take time to watch them. When I was younger I wanted to see a remake or sequel to Phantom but having seen what’s been done to the cult classics like Deathrace and Omega Man (I Am Legend) I not so keen on seeing the remake ruin the impact of the original. And I guess I’ll always be in love with “the girl next door”. Happy Halloween and “Ink isn’t worth anything to me, Winslow…”

  17. Submarine Mark says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I need to check my e-mail more often. I missed the “Phantom” showing and am really disappointed that I didn’t get to see you co-host. However, since I have a copy of this most excellent movie on dvd, I can watch it whenever I feel in the mood.
    We had our usual massive crowd of trick or treaters here which is really quite amazing to see. One year we had almost 700 goblins and thier like in the neighborhood. This year Linda and I passed out 300 “goody bags” before running out just before 8:00 pm! I got some pretty cute pictures. Bye for now.

  18. VIc says:

    Any True Fan of Yours Dearest Jessica,Already owns every DVD you were in as i do.
    You did not make many films but what you made fit your Persona.In a word Sweet!!
    V Luvs J

  19. Jessica Harper says:

    Thanks Vic!

  20. Krista says:

    Oh gosh…we missed that. I have Phantom on VHS (hopefully dvd soon!) but it woulda been nice since you were co-hosting 🙂

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