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Fom My Music Library: Cool Tracks For Kids #1

As a writer of children’s music, I always make a mental note when I hear an artist performing a song that was not intended for kid listeners but would suit them just fine.
There are lots of songs like this, but most of them are from another era, when lyrical content was less, uh, robust than it is now. Kid-friendly songs in the adult marketplace are harder to come by these days, but I scanned my iTunes library and came up with a substantial list of cool and current tunes I’d be happy to spin in the nursery.
“We’re Going To Be Friends” by the White Stripes is as good as it gets: simple, sweet, an ode to friendship with lyrics that could have been written by a six-year-old poet.
“Heavenly” by Harry Connick, Jr. is a swinging lullaby, performed with great retro style. It’s a love song about the man in the moon (who’s in love with the girl in the world) and it’s gorgeous. For other old-fashioned sounds check out The Puppini Sisters, who brind their inimitable charm to a new version of “Jeepers Creepers” and to a cover of “Sisters” that’s a must for multiple-girl families.
If you are looking for some inspired goofiness, try Ben Kweller’s cover of “Lollipop,”  or The Flaming Lips’ “If I Only Had A Brain.” Also, “Bathtime In Clerkenwell” is a bubbly nonsense song by The Real Tuesday Weld that’s perfect for tiny tub-lovers with a sense of humor.

I will get back to you with many more kid-friendly tunes from my library very soon…..meanwhile, start downloading.


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  1. LaMott {Monte} Bates says:

    I have a great kids song for you if you’re interested. I will send it to you if you’ll tell me where.

    • LaMott {Monte} Bates says:

      Incidentally, my wife has macular deign, too. I take her for an “eye shot” every 4 weeks just like you. Modern med surely is a wonder!

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