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Crabby Snow Day

All up and down the eastern seaboard this weekend, people got Crabby. Housebound due to Snowzzilla, thousands (well, three that I know of) took advantage of the record snow dump, staying home and getting cozy with recipes from The Crabby Cook Cookbook.

SnowElizabethMy daughter, Elizabeth, ventured forth with her boyfriend Lee into the whitened wilds of Brooklyn. In short order, she had to be pried from a snow bank, from whence she retreated to their apartment to warm up with Crabby’s Gobble It Up Turkey Chili (page 58).

LinsayCarSnowMy sister Lindsay, inspired by the fact that her car had assumed the shape of a muffin, made the Killer Pumpkin Muffins.

LinsleyLinsley, a friend in Baltimore, went all out, filling her house with aroma of Roast Chicken 101 (page 215), then White Bean Soup With Roasted Garlic, then she made chicken soup from the carcass of the RC 101. Delirious with culinary satisfaction, she went out for a snow hike, carrying the cookbook with her in case of an emergency.

I, too, made the chili, by the way, as temperatures in L.A. did their best to mimic those on the east coast, plummeting to 56º. Suffering from snow envy, I’m going to pretend we are enjoying the pleasures of Snowzilla here in the land of no weather while I gobble it up.




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