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Bee and Thistle Redux

BeeAndThistle2014 2

It’s not just a bed and breakfast, it’s a bed and BREAKFAST.

I have written about the Bee and Thistle Inn before, but it bears re-visiting. On a cold and soon to be snowy Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I am ensconced in a room that is painstakingly designed to charm, and I’ve just eaten way too much of innkeeper Linnea Rufo’s home made frittata, croissants, toast, bacon, granola, and banana bread. (#YOLO.)

I heard a guy at the next table say, “It’s just like Paris.” I’d say the croissants are, but not the vibe, which is just what you want it to be: uber-cozy and vintage New England all the way.

If you happen to be in Old Lyme, Connecticut some time in your life, stop by this inn. You will be a happier person when you leave.

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  1. Ryan M. says:

    I love quaint, cozy places like that. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of staying at a lovely historic bed and breakfast in a small mining town in Colorado. The innkeeper fixed a breakfast that looked similar to what you posted.

    I had what I strongly believe to be a paranormal experience there, too. The radio came on by itself while I was playing my 3DS. I assumed it was set to alarm, so I just turned it off and forgot about it. Then it came on again a few minutes later. I turned it off and said out loud, “If someone’s turning the radio on, that’s fine with me. Can you do it again, please?” The radio came on immediately.

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