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Anger Management

Okay, it’s enough already. Republicans are pissed off, I get it, but they need to exercise a little restraint, for Pete’s sake. I am so tired of hearing about Sarah Palin’s crosshairs and McCain’s non-cooperation stance and the epithets and the broken windows….

My brother sent me this video which is a very helpful tool for anger management. I suggest that all mad Republicans take a look, for a more mature approach to dealing with anger over the triumphs of those snooty Dems.


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  1. Michael Iannarino says:

    The important thing to remember is that there are MANY things we can do when we are feeling angry or sad or happy. Many things that don’t hurt ourselves or anybody else.

    -Fred Rogers
    Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (episode 461) Mr. McFeely suspects Mrs. McFeely of having an affair with Chef Brockett.

  2. Kelli White says:

    HA HA…..loved the youtube video…..only problem is, I can’t stop that song from running through my head! What a great song to sing during thoso very boring staff meetings! ha ha

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