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Ambien Nights

Okay, this isn’t funny.

I recall as vividly as if it were yesterday how I felt when I first read Ms. Magazine, back in the seventies; it was my personal wakeup call to feminism, and I was enraged.

Last night I had a wakeup call, an unwanted one. I woke up in the middle of the night, scared and furious, because of McCain’s choice of VP. What she stands for sets feminism in radical reverse, rocketing it back to antediluvian times, and McCain just sits astride that rocket and smiles.

A friend of mine wrote to me the other day that Palin “is the devil.” She’s pretty scary, but it’s the top of the ticket that’s the villain for making his cynical, offensive choice.

If you haven’t read it all already, here are some blog posts (and a couple of illuminating YouTubes) that clarify. But before you explore these, get yourself some Ambien. You’re gonna need it.,0,1290251.story


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  1. charley hardman says:

    that first YouTube vid was obviously edited to mislead. sure she’s a nutjob (as are all statists, whatever the auxiliary religion), but intentionally leaving out even mildly/possibly exculpatory material is never kosher. in her paltry way, she was advocating questioning of the iraq war, not endorsing it. she is now a full-fledged avowed warmonger, and that change is significant. however, none of the evil 4 is antiwar, whatever their dastardly reasons; picking palin out of that crowd borders silliness.

  2. Jessica Harper says:

    Thanks for your comment make a lot of good points.
    For me it was the “God’s plan” aspect of the video that was frightening, not the implication that she’s a war monger….I agree that, while all the candidates “hate war,” as McCain said, they don’t hate it so much that they won’t make it. But, with all due respect to God, I honestly don’t believe the events in Iraq were on His or Her agenda.

  3. charley hardman says:

    we’re in full agreement on that.

  4. Ryan says:

    I completely agree with you about Palin. It’s an insult to people everywhere (and women in particular) that McCain chose her as a running mate.

    I’m not 100% with Obama, but if McCain wins, I’m leaving the country.

  5. Jessica Harper says:

    Thanks for your comment Ryan….I know SO many people who have said they will move to Canada if McCain wins! the level of outrage is amazing….I’m going to sign up at to make phone calls to voters in Nevada, a crucial state…

  6. Dave says:

    I already LIVE in Canada, and I find this person’s political rise offensive.
    The only joy she brings to the world is watching Tina Fey rip her to shreds on national television (that was actually my first thought when she walked onto the dais at the Republican convention).

    Your friend is wrong, however, about Palin being “The Devil”. That would be Dick Cheney.

  7. Jessica Harper says:

    Hi Dave, I think you got it right about who the bad guy is…

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