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Watermelon Martini: Getting Smashed

I’m fascinated by the goings on in Chinchilla, a tiny town in Australia that hosts a wild and well-attended Watermelon Festival every couple of years.

One of the activities featured is watermelon skiing. You stick your feet in a couple of melons, like shoes (or maybe jump on them from a high place), and ‘ski’ down a slippery slope in this all-natural equipment. There’s pit-spitting, too, of course, and the melon bungee event sounds intriguing, but the big draw is the melon smashing contest.

The world record was broken recently when a guy smashed forty melons with his head in just under a minute. (Here’s the evidence). I’m thinking this would be a good exercise for anyone who is suffering from an overexposure to bad economic news. Read the Wall Street Journal and then go smash some watermelons with your head to get over it.

But when the Chinchilla story begs the question of what they do with all that watermelon pulp at the end of the day, I’d suggest they harvest it for watermelon martinis. Drinking these is a kinder, gentler way to kill the Economy Blues. I mean, smashing melons with your head is not as easy for everyone as it is for that guy in Chinchilla. (Here’s the evidence.)

Here’s a recipe for a watermelon martini, but don’t drink too many or it will be you who is gettting smashed.

Watermelon Martini

3 ounces pureed seedless watermelon

3 ounces citrus vodka (or watermelon vodka)

Juice of one lime (about 1 ounce)

2 teaspoons simple syrup (or more if you like it sweeter)


Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Stir like mad, then strain the martini into a cocktail glass and drink it right up. Do not attempt watermelon skiing if you have had one of these cocktails.


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  1. suzanne says:

    These martinis sound incredibly refreshing and will be great at my Labor Day party, the menu for which, I’m already planning. Place a little melon ball on the rim of the glass and you’re good to go! I do think however, I would need to imbibe one of these delectable puppies PRIOR to attempting melon skiing….

  2. chuck says:

    Phoenix likes her martinis !

  3. I JUST LOVE WATER MELLON AND THIS DRINK SOUNDS GREAT.Cannot wait for summer. You can also use water mellon vodka. Marlyn

  4. YF says:

    3 words: Watermelon Vodka Sorbet.

    Oohhh baby!:

  5. YellowFire says:

    Jessica your blog is like a rollercoaster! One post talks about delicious chocolates, the next post talks about a guy with smelly feet, and the NEXT post talks about yummy watermelon! We’re running a gambit of emotions here, and I like it! Keep goin! =]

  6. Jessica Harper says:

    Wow. I love that sorbet idea!

  7. tiftif says:

    Soon to be an olympic sport ?

  8. Samuel L. says:

    My friend on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

  9. […] Not to be outdone by the Chinese, the Japanese have started growing melons in a whole new and interesting shape. (Click here to check it out.) Not to be outdone by the Japanese or the Chinese, I’m going to go cut into that square and make myself a nice watermelon martini. […]

  10. Interesting~ I got given a horde of fruit last week from a friend and decided to make juice out of it all – found some unique juice recipe here if you’re interested

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