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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My favorite gift this season is one that really keeps on giving. Click here to go to Priscilla Woolworth’s site for the world’s finest fly swatter. Not only does it keep the little buggers at bay, it’s extremely cute, and you can also use it to swat badly behaving relatives at your upcoming holiday events.

I’m keeping mine handy to swat my husband’s hand when he reaches for his sixth piece of chocolate roll on Christmas night. I will also let loose on my daughter when she tries to make off with my new red sweater. It will morph into a dog swatter when Oliver opens his jaws to partake of the Christmas tenderloin, and Aunt Lucy will be sorry when she tries to pour her fourth glass of eggnog. If my sister-in-law indicates displeasure with my gift, whack. If anyone gives an Ab-O-Cizer for Christmas, smack.

See, this thing has infinite uses. Buy one and swat your way through December.


2 Responses
  1. suzanne says:

    NOW you tell me!! I just dropped my elderly, infirm, and completely helpless mother at the airport! I could’ve made good use of this thing for the past month! Drats.

  2. Amanda says:

    That fly swatter actually is really adorable. It’s nice finding something practical that looks so cute.

    By what your planning on using said fly swatter with it seems as useful as a towel. Sorry, for that random joke. I tend to be too geeky at times.

    Have a nice Christmas.

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