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Thank You From WINNETKA!

Dear friends and family and colleagues, Thanks to your support, here’s what’s happening with my new podcast:  Thrillist says Jessica Harper’s WINNETKA is among the “best PODCASTS OF 2019! Harper makes a great use of the format. It’s a lovely tribute to her life, her career, and to the people who made her the woman …

Harper Family

‘WINNETKA’ Trailer: The Unexpected

Hi friends! We are very close to our Feb. 4 launch date! Here’s a trailer that gives you an idea of what to expect…the unexpected. Thanks for listening! You can subscribe at Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts! Also visit! Follow Winnetka Podcast

GLENDALE: A Sample Story from WINNETKA

It was the late Sixties–definitely time to get acquainted with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. My boyfriend Steve offered introductions to those things, and I accepted, but cautiously, one step at a time… Hear all about it in this excerpt from Episode 8 of my new podcast, WINNETKA… . or listen …

From my new podcast, WINNETKA: Housewife Tips

We kids always thought our mother was the perfect model of a Fifties housewife. But in this sample story from Episode 6 of my new podcast, WINNETKA, Mom reveals that she was actually subversive… . or listen on . Full episodes of WINNETKA launch Feb. 4, but please subscribe to hear …