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Palin: Rhymes With…..

Although you read the polls and wonder
Why the chick is smilin’,
You really must admit, one VP
Candidate is stylin’.
So, ‘though I sort of hate her guts,
And her campaign is failin’,
When I go trick-or-treating,
I might dress as Sarah Palin.
The only trouble is, she wears
Balenciaga suits,
And quite expensive lingerie, I’m told,
And Cole Haan boots.
The costume would be fabulous,
But fabulous ain’t cheap.
I’d have to learn her accent, too,
And I ain’t Meryl Streep.

So, I’ll just be a skeleton, I guess…..
Maybe a ghost….
I’ve got it! I’ll be Bush! (I’ll dress up
Like a piece of toast.)


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