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Obama Sent Me A Valentine!

Obama sent me a Valentine!

Well, sort of, I mean, indirectly. Well, to be honest, I sent it to myself at his suggestion. Okay, he didn’t personally suggest it, like, text me from his Blackberry or something, but…here’s what happened:

Somewhere, I read a list of B. O.’s favorite foods. All Americans should keep this list handy, because, being the populist that he is, you never know when Barack might drop in for dinner. Even I, a self-described crabby cook, would be okay with cooking for Barack. Especially when I read his list:

First, his dislikes: mayonnaise, salt and vinegar chips, asparagus and soft drinks.
So, if you really have it in for him, say you’re a vengeful McCainiac, you might make that casserole of asparagus in a creamy mayo sauce with crumbled S ‘n V’s on top. And Pigs’ Legs in Coca-cola, a dish for which I actually have the recipe, if you are interested.

Obama likes the following: sparkling water, trail mix (Planter’s, that is), roasted almonds, pistachios, MET-Rx Chocolate Roasted Peanut Protein bars, and vegetables (especially broccoli and spinach). How easy is that? A quick trip to Whole Foods and you’ve got an Obama party in your pantry.

Oh, but the final item on the ‘likes’ list is…the thing. Apparently, he’s crazy for Fran’s Chocolates, specifically her Smoked Salt Caramels. I read this and went straight to the website. A few days later, I got a lovely, Valentine-y red box of handmade heaven. These are so good, I know if I’d been eating them longer I, too, would be president. (Or at least Secretary of State.)

You should order these either to 1) experience extreme pleasure, 2) get elected to public office, or 3) have on hand in case Obama shows up and you’re out of trail mix.
And when those candies show up at your door, you can tell everyone that Obama sent you a Valentine, and you’d be almost not lying.


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  1. Charlie Jaimes says:

    Re: Obama and food, he recently (it was actually in 2001) appeared on the show “Check, Please!” on PBS. The episode was never aired until a few weeks back. He recommended one of his favorite places, right in his Hyde Park neighborhood, called Dixie Kitchen. I love Southern style food and after what they showed, this place is definitely a winner. I know it would be packed after that episode so I’m holding out just a little while…

  2. suzanne says:

    I actually just bought those salted caramels at Whole Foods, without even knowing they are a fave of The Man’s! But don’t tell my kid, they are his Valentine gift….

  3. Michael Iannarino says:

    He seems to be a very healthy eater. A nice drink is 1/2 Pellegrino 1/2 Pomegrante juice. Instead of drinking 1/2 bottle of red wine per night I switched to this. This is less expensive and a lot less calories, but no buzz, unfortunately. If this economy does not pick up soon, I may have to resort to seltzer water and kool-aid.

    I wish Mr. Obama would cut corporate taxes for small businesses to 12%, this would create jobs and maybe attract more companies back on our soil. Large public corporations with all their golden parachutes and bonueses to CEO’s should have their taxes raised.

    I feel it my duty to bring some economics to all you artists on this blog…Sorry.

  4. Robert says:

    They may not be Fran’s but a supermarket chain here began selling Dark Chocolate covered Caramels with Sea Salt some time before Christmas. When they began hyping them I believe they said their buyer first sampled the blend of dark chocolate & sea salt in Italy and that it was very popular there. The store’s version is kettle cooked caramel made with fresh cream & butter, custom blended and then enrobed in rich dark chocolate & sprinkled with coarse sea salt. I think they run $5.99 a box. People who have tried them seem divided – some find the salt too much of a distraction while others are crazy for the way it enhances the flavor of the chocolate and caramel.

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