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Nudes In The News

It started a few weeks ago when one of the world’s most famous women took her clothes off publicly: the nude version of the Mona Lisa was discovered, closeted in some guy’s (really old) library. Since then, there’s been a rash of worldwide nude activity.

First, there was that Nude Bicycling Day. Hundreds of bicyclists around the planet stripped and jumped on their bike seats (speaking of a rash). Then, in mid-month, the news was full of that nude rugby match in New Zealand. (If you don’t believe me, click here to check out the team in play, miraculously photographed without exposure of anyone’s, um, Monty.)

Then, as if we had not had our fill of nude news, there was Nude Hiking Day on the Sunday of the solstice. Bare-assed people participated all across America, trudging up the Rockies and marching down the Appalachian Trail. (Mark Sanford missed out on a good thing.)

So it’s hardly surprising to hear about that guy on the US Airways flight today who disrobed, forcing an emergency landing in Albuquerque and some expert blanket positioning by the flight attendant.

Who are we to call him nuts? Given the state of things, I’d say he was just getting with the program.


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  1. Mike Iannarino says:

    I think my favorite nude story was back in the early 90’s while I was working at a very stuffy Merril Lynch office. I worked with this wonderful man named, Don, who was probably in his early 60’s at that time. Don was a short, round, cherub faced man with a shock of white wavy hair. Don was also so white in appearance and attitude, that he was pink. The joke used to circulate that if one were to see Don and Barbara Bush naked from a distance could one tell them apart? Much to my embarrasment, Don came into my office one day and said he would be the one without the pearl necklace!

  2. Lloyd says:

    Yeah I saw that nude article today about the guy on the plane, hmm, interesting indeed. Happy 4th to you jessica, I look forward to getting your blogs they make my day!

  3. joanna says:

    I heard about that and thought I was reading something wrong somewhere. To quote the classic movie title, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”… As for getting on a bicycle seat naked…OUCH!!!! I tried that with short shorts once…wouldn’t do it again for any amount of money!

    In any case, thanks for sharing!

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