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Make Mine Russian

The Russians have really got it going on.

So, their economy sucks, right? Big deal, whose doesn’t? But they have a unique suggestion for stimulating it. Unlike our boring attempts to pump things up here in the U.S. Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin just came right out and told everyone to smoke and drink as much and as often as possible.

While some would call this stimulus agenda a good reason to pack up and move to Russia, others say that while it’s fun to party to your heart’s content, it may also lead to your heart’s demise. Well, not so fast, you negative nudnicks; don’t rain on Russia’s parade yet. First, consider a new study that just came out of England.

According to the study, people who drink heavily live longer than teetotalers. While some doubt the study’s validity (they say it was influenced by participants’ wishful thinking), I’m willing to believe anyone who speaks with a British accent, especially as happy hour approaches.

So, scan the news and draw your own conclusions, but it’s all adding up like one plus one: Drink your way to a healthy economy and a healthy body. Start by making yourself a tasty Moscow Mule cocktail (click here for recipe), in honor of the wise Russian guy (who would rather you drink three or four and smoke a pack while you’re at it).


2 Responses
  1. Don Kehn, Jr. says:

    Commies & Pommies–who thought they’d mix so well? Hey, like the Boy Wonder they’re always “two shots under the label”!

  2. Kenjotay says:

    One drink is fine, two at the most
    three under the table, four, under the host.

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