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I’ve Got Mail

MAILBOXphotoThe mailman’s truck is very cute—all perky, square and white.

I always get a little thrill when it chugs into sight.

He’s brought a big, fat pile today: A baseball magazine,

A catalogue of Christmas toys (‘though it’s just Halloween),

A dentist bill for fifty bucks that’s wildly overdue,

A postcard all in Spanish from a shoe store in Peru,

A flyer from a place called “Paws!” about a cure for rabies,

And one about a diaper service, meant for those with babies,

And some campaigner writing that our country’s doomed and therefore,

We should vote for you-know-who (that crude dude I don’t care for),

A sample of a body cream that smells like tennis shoes,

A notice of a mattress sale that says, “You snooze, you lose!”

Here’s something from an editor! But on closer inspection,

I see she thinks my query stinks. (This smells like a rejection.)

Oh, well, I’ll write about my disappointment in my journal.

There’s mail again tomorrow (and there’s hope that springs eternal.)

I like my friendly mailman, but I would like him better,

If he’d take back this boring stack and just bring me a letter!





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