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Hair and Hosiery

I’m getting a haircut and ditching my pantyhose. No, I’m not having a midlife crisis (been there, done that). I’m being a good citizen, donating hair and hose to the oil spill cleanup.

It seems that a company in San Francisco is making booms out of pantyhose stuffed with discarded hair, harvested in salons. The log-shaped booms are used to trap oil as it laps shorelines. (I tested the theory about oil adhering to hair last week when I was too lazy to wash-‘n-blow for three days, so I know it’s true.)

My hairy dog Oliver must’ve got the memo on this because he is very generously trying to do his part. He is shedding profusely enough to protect the entire coast of Louisiana.

The company (called Matter of Trust) which is producing the hair-‘n-Hanes booms was having one problem. Nobody seems to wear pantyhose anymore. (I wear them maybe once a year. Can’t speak for Oliver.) Without cast-off hose hey were struggling to meet the current demands for booms, until a certain community in San Francisco pitched in. Now M.O.T. is up to their ears in transves-tights.


6 Responses
  1. Anna says:

    Where there’s a will…

  2. suzanne says:

    MATTER of Trust? No, really?
    As for pantyhose, I may have a few dozen pairs leftover from the ’80s…..

  3. Emma says:

    LOL. ‘Transves-tights’- love it!! Well, no-one can accuse the San Franciscans of being ‘tight’!! (ho hum). Just hope they don’t get chilly legs when going to those late night showings of The Rocky Horror Show!!!

  4. Cocodix says:

    I have read on wikipedia in Italy that william Finley would be died in 1988. but on wikipedia USA I have read that it is alive and alive in USA. You know to say something to me of he? Ciao. Francesco

  5. Lloyd says:

    Thanks Jessica, I needed a good laugh. I miss SF, it has been my home off and on since 1980, can’t wait to move back hopefully soon.

  6. Great information I have Tweeted this, I will keep a eye on your other posts. Ohh what do you all think about the about oil spill?

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