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Golf Drama (Oxymoron?)

I should be organizing my sock drawer, but I can’t stop watching the Masters.

What’s up with this? I usually think watching golf is as riveting as observing a snail cross the patio. And yet, though I should be baking vanilla scones for that article I have to write, I can’t stop watching the Masters.

It turns out that watching the Masers golf tournament is like reading a novel: It’s loaded with interesting characters whom you get to know and care about as they make their way through a drama. But, unlike a novel in which the ending has been determined, in golf, anything can happen. As my husband always says when he’s trying to explain why he watches ESPN so damn much, the only real drama on TV is in sports. (Well, there’s also Charlie Sheen.)

In this particular tournament, Tiger Woods might make a comeback. He is definitely wearing the best looking pants. Rory McElroy is 12—well actually20ish, but he looks 12—so you root for him in a maternal way, and Cabrera is the elder statesman who plays with sexy calm.

I should be calling Macy’s to bitch about the bad service on the mattress delivery but I can’t stop watching the Masters. I should be finishing Patti Smith’s book, “Just Kids,” for my book group meeting on Tuesday, but I can’t stop watching the Masters.

Okay, now Tiger’s done and interviewing with CBS. (For Pete’s sake Tiger, stop being so crabby! You’re still on thin ice with the public even with the excellent pants!) And now Schwartzl has won. I’d love to watch him get the green jacket but I’ve gotta stop watching the Masters.


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  1. Bryan says:

    I have never held a golf club in my life yet, I’m addicted to watching the game (It’s a sport in the same way Darts is a sport). For whatever reason, I find watching it on TV very relaxing. I couldn’t tell you anything about the players other than Tiger Woods drives better with a golf club than a motor vehicle. Yet, come the weekend, I turn on the TV and watch that week’s tournament without having the slightest idea what’s going on.

    BTW, great blog. I’ve now bookmarked it. Although you and I would not see eye to eye politically (I tend to be more moderate with a slight leaning to the conservative side)I find your posts very entertaining. Good luck in all your current and future endeavors. I’ll be visiting your site often.

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