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Get Thee To A Snuggery

I’ve got a new good reason to visit Providence (the other two reasons being my daughters), which  is a restaurant alluringly called The Duck and Bunny (A Snuggery). I have no idea what a snuggery is (and neither does my my computer) but in this case it’s definitely an onomatopoeia.

This cute ‘n cozy spot offers myriad varieties of cupcakes, including regulars like Red Velvet and Carrot as well as daily specials. (Although I went with the R.V., I was tempted by the Flourless Double Chocolate Raspberry.). They also serve crepes, from the simple Jack and Abby (lemon and sugar) to the more complex Ultimate New York System (wieners, meat sauce, onion, mustard and celery salt).

But to me the most intriguing menu item (under the heading, Eclectic Fare) was The Full Elvis. This sandwich on sweet Portugese bread is stuffed with peanut butter, bananas, honey, bacon, a fried egg and marshmallow fluff. My daughter’s friend Lee ate one of these once, at a moment when his eyes were  bigger than his stomach. He says that after a few bites, he felt a coma coming on, so he set the sandwich aside in the interest of staying conscious. In spite of Lee’s caveat, I would have ordered The F.E. if I had not already sucked  down that R.V.

Anyway, if you happen to be in Providence, get thee to a snuggery.

P.S. Ya think if Elvis had eaten fewer of his namesake sandwiches he would have upgraded his life span? Food for thought…


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  1. Debby Woodward Leach says:

    Jessica, Cece passed this onto me, as I have taken her to Duck and Bunny when she was last here for a visit. It has been a long time since we lived down the street from each other, but I am near Providence and it would be fun to see you. Send me an email and we can talk further.
    Best, Debby

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