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The Office

There is a Tiny Lady who works in an office down the hall from mine. At least I think she works. As petite as a seventh grader, she is more often in motion than at her presumed desk. She pops up everywhere, her objective being to find conversation. A world-class hall-roamer, she …


Paris, Illinois

Many of you have asked if I’ve  recorded any tracks besides movie soundtracks and family music…I have, only a few, and I just found this one on iTunes…JH as country girl. (Who knew?) Check it out. It’s track 5, a song I wrote called “Paris, Illinois”…


To All My Friends And Followers:

Thanks as always for your loyalty to this Blah Blah Blog! As you can see I’ve upped my game recently, spiffed this site up and made it more mobile-friendly for you. I hope you like the changes and continue to tune in for the fast and furious posts that will be coming …