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Drug Reboot

I have it on good authority that baby boomers are smoking more weed than you can shake a joint at. I have no idea why this is, but like all know-it-alls, I am more than willing to posit a theory. Hear all about it in my audio story, “Drug Reboot.” It’s about …


Thank You From WINNETKA!

Dear friends and family and colleagues, Thanks to your support, here’s what’s happening with my new podcast:  Thrillist says Jessica Harper’s WINNETKA is among the “best PODCASTS OF 2019! Harper makes a great use of the format. It’s a lovely tribute to her life, her career, and to the people who made her the woman …


White Plight Redux

Per a New Year’s resolution to brighten up the house, I decided to paint a couple rooms white. How hard could that be? You buy paint, you slap it on. Done. At the paint store, I gravitated towards a salesman who resembled the coach of the Boston Celtics. “Um, I’m looking for …

Mom on her birthday

New Blog Feature: SOUND BITES!

Okay, it’s 2018, enough blah blah blah, it’s time to listen. Henceforward this blog will feature SOUND BITES, tiny stories told by me and/or by a darling family member. They are recorded to spare you the tedium of reading them. (You can listen while filing your nails.)


My Skin In The Game

On Thursday I went to the Jules Stein Eye Institute in Los Angeles, as I do every six weeks to get an injection of Eyelea in my left eye.  Eyelea is a drug has been very effective in controlling the leaking fluid that has, over the past 15 years, damaged the retina …


Drugs: New Fun Facts

I had a very productive conversation with a hairdresser the other day. First, he informed me that once you take LSD, it stays in your body—specifically in your spine—forever. So if you should, say, ride a bucking bronco or do some wacky, pretzel-like yoga pose, it could trigger a flashback. I have …


Phan Mail

The other day I felt like I was inhabiting the children’s book about Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It started when I got an injection to stop a leak in my retina. This is routine maintenance for me, and usually I handle it gracefully, in total denial about the …


Crabby Snow Day

All up and down the eastern seaboard this weekend, people got Crabby. Housebound due to Snowzzilla, thousands (well, three that I know of) took advantage of the record snow dump, staying home and getting cozy with recipes from The Crabby Cook Cookbook. My daughter, Elizabeth, ventured forth with her boyfriend Lee into …



A friend just texted me that she needed an emergency recipe for stuffing. I’m figuring she just got her pot luck assignment, having not had the foresight to do a pre-emptive ask to be assigned the cranberry sauce, which is much easier. This recipe is for her and for others who find …