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GLENDALE: A Sample Story from WINNETKA

It was the late Sixties–definitely time to get acquainted with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. My boyfriend Steve offered introductions to those things, and I accepted, but cautiously, one step at a time…Hear all about it in this excerpt from Episode 8 of my new podcast, WINNETKA… . Full episodes of …


From my new podcast, WINNETKA: Housewife Tips

We kids always thought our mother was the perfect model of a Fifties housewife. But in this sample story from Episode 6 of my new podcast, WINNETKA, Mom reveals that she was actually subversive… Full episodes of WINNETKA launch Feb. 4, but please subscribe to hear sample stories and trailers now, at …


From WINNETKA: Duck And Cover

Hi all, I’ll be launching my new podcast, WINNETKA, on Feb. 4, 2019 but meanwhile listen to this sample story from the Episode 6. It tells about a time in 1962, when it was widely thought that, in the event of nuclear holocaust, a child’s life could be saved if they crouched …


WINNETKA – My New Podcast!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last newsletter…That’s because I’ve been working on a BIG project… My new podcast, WINNETKA, is a childhood memoir in ten episodes. It’s produced and narrated by me, and features the voices of its characters, who are my five siblings and my mother. While you (anxiously) …


White Plight Redux

Per a New Year’s resolution to brighten up the house, I decided to paint a couple rooms white. How hard could that be? You buy paint, you slap it on. Done. At the paint store, I gravitated towards a salesman who resembled the coach of the Boston Celtics. “Um, I’m looking for …

Mom on her birthday

New Blog Feature: SOUND BITES!

Okay, it’s 2018, enough blah blah blah, it’s time to listen. Henceforward this blog will feature SOUND BITES, tiny stories told by me and/or by a darling family member. They are recorded to spare you the tedium of reading them. (You can listen while filing your nails.)


My Skin In The Game

On Thursday I went to the Jules Stein Eye Institute in Los Angeles, as I do every six weeks to get an injection of Eyelea in my left eye.  Eyelea is a drug has been very effective in controlling the leaking fluid that has, over the past 15 years, damaged the retina …


Kissed By A Sea Lion

My twin brother, Billy (aka William), and I were walking in Central Park on a gorgeous, freaky warm winter afternoon when two women closed in on us from behind. One of them said, “Excuse me, where did you get your shoes? They’re beautiful.” She was not addressing my brother. The women reminded …


Drugs: New Fun Facts

I had a very productive conversation with a hairdresser the other day. First, he informed me that once you take LSD, it stays in your body—specifically in your spine—forever. So if you should, say, ride a bucking bronco or do some wacky, pretzel-like yoga pose, it could trigger a flashback. I have …