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A friend just texted me that she needed an emergency recipe for stuffing. I’m figuring she just got her pot luck assignment, having not had the foresight to do a pre-emptive ask to be assigned the cranberry sauce, which is much easier. This recipe is for her and for others who find …


Slammin’ Yam Soup

There’s nothing worse than having o feed people before you feed them, as in that odious task of providing  lunch on Thanksgiving when you are also cooking that daunting T-day dinner  menu later.  Okay here’s what you do: make slammin’ yam soup the day before . It’s an easy recipe and I …


She’s Gotta Have It

I’m making Thanksgiving dinner for Mom and top on her list of side choices are Brussels sprouts. I have calculated that 2/5 of those attending will not eat what they view as cruciferous offenders like this, but Mom rules. If those who decline to eat the sprouts want something green they can …