My Blah Blah Blog - Archive for September, 2015


Open Minded

Once one is on the other side of 65, it becomes harder but more essential to be adventurous. It was with this in mind that I took a subway to the U.S. Open. It’s not that I don’t ordinarily take the subway in New York–I do. But usually it’s to go to, …


The Office

There is a Tiny Lady who works in an office down the hall from mine. At least I think she works. As petite as a seventh grader, she is more often in motion than at her presumed desk. She pops up everywhere, her objective being to find conversation. A world-class hall-roamer, she …


Paris, Illinois

Many of you have asked if I’ve  recorded any tracks besides movie soundtracks and family music…I have, only a few, and I just found this one on iTunes…JH as country girl. (Who knew?) Check it out. It’s track 5, a song I wrote called “Paris, Illinois”…