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23 Things

I was cruising Buzzfeed the other day and noticed an article called 23 Things That Get Way More Exciting As You Get Older. Since I am older than older, I felt qualified to fact check it, with mixed results: 1. Getting socks as a gift Wrong. If my husband were to give …


My Face Time With Jimi Hendrix

In the summer of ’69, shortly after kicking myself for not going to Woodstock, I dropped acid and listened to the Traffic album for sixteen hours. Then I did the responsible thing: I went to see my parents to tell them face-to-face that I was dropping out of college. That fall, partly …


Dover Street Market: Be There Or Be Square

Do you ever find yourself at 30th and Lexington in NYC looking for a lunch spot? No, I don’t either. But I’d heard about the Dover Street Market and made it my destination-of-the-day. (I like to do regular DOTD’s when I’m in NYC. Pick a new and intriguing store or restaurant or …