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This Week In Birdwatching

This week in the news there were not just one, but TWO newsworthy, bird-related D.U.I.s. One drunk perp was a guy who, when the police pursued him, abandoned his vehicle and hid in a tree. When the police approached his hiding place he called out, “I’m an owl!” It will come as …

DriversLicenseImage 3

DMV vs. France

One day recently I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to surrender my driver’s license. This was not because I had one too many DUIs but because, in the ten years since I was last required to renew in person, my vision had declined to illegal status. I knew there was …


The Goldfinch

If you are a fan of Donna Tartt‘s book, “The Goldfinch,” it’s pretty fun to go see the painting that is the star of that novel, up close and personal at The Frick Collection in NYC. It’s only there for a couple more weeks… 1. Everybody in the book store (including me) …