My Blah Blah Blog - Archive for October, 2011

Siri and the Telephone


The new iPhone4S, with its voice control software (called Siri) is about to become my (and millions of other people’s) best friend. People who are getting to know Siri tell me that her female, slightly robotic voice responds to your every command. She’s like an assistant you don’t have to pay minimum …


Why I Am Not Running For President

Republicans demanded explanations from Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. I’ve had a few inquiries myself, and here is my response. Why I’m not running for president: 1. I could never have Presidential hair with that D.C. humidity. 2. I’d have to wear jewelry like Hillary’s and a pants suit whose jacket would …


Snoop Dogg And The 85-Pound Rutabaga

I do not have a green thumb. On my watch, plants usually perish rather than prosper. But I am newly motivated to hone my gardening skills, after hearing about Snoop Dogg and the 85-pound rutabaga. The story takes us to Cardiff, where a Welsh farmer, Ian Neale, grew the largest rutabaga in …