My Blah Blah Blog - Archive for February, 2010


Hand Writing

I just don’t get why Sarah Palin is taking so much heat for writing those notes on her hand before that tea party convention. As an avid palm writer myself, I totally get where she’s coming from. I mean, after the age of fifty, who can remember anything without a little support? …


More Stupid Burglars

Apparently it’s been a big year so far for stupid burglars. No sooner did I write a post about the guy who fried chicken at the crime scene than three more stories popped up about burglars making unwise choices. First there was the guy who stole a two-carat diamond ring. He tried …

Who Dat?

This is a picture of Oliver’s cousin Remy, in Baltimore today, desperate to get to Sports ‘R Us (I can totally relate) to get that Who Dat t-shirt she didn’t get around to buying before Snowpocalypse….


Lady’s Brunch Burgers

So I guess it’s time for the annual Mona Lisa bashing. Last year, they discovered and dragged out the nude portrait of her (you could just hear her spinning in her grave) and now they’re outing her as a woman with high cholesterol. According to the N.Y. Times, some guy named Vito …



I heard that Sweetheart Valentine’s Day candy is the holiday’s biggest seller. They’re those little hearts made by Necco (yep, purveyor of your favorite wafers), ya know, the ones that have messages stamped on them like, “Kiss me” or “Puppy love.” Well, Necco, in an attempt to get with the century, has …