My Blah Blah Blog - Archive for February, 2009


The Smelly Feet Man

So, did you hear about the guy in Rotterdam who got thrown out of college because he had smelly feet? I know: it’s a killer story. Get this: Teunis Tenbrook (known in the press as the “Smelly Feet Man”) just won a TEN YEAR legal battle to get re-enrolled at Erasmus University, …


Obama Sent Me A Valentine!

Obama sent me a Valentine! Well, sort of, I mean, indirectly. Well, to be honest, I sent it to myself at his suggestion. Okay, he didn’t personally suggest it, like, text me from his Blackberry or something, but…here’s what happened: Somewhere, I read a list of B. O.’s favorite foods. All Americans …


Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day came and went in L.A. and nobody noticed. We can’t afford such trivial ceremonies in this big, fat, broke state, and also, since it’s currently eighty degrees, discussion of seasonal changes here is a fatuous time-waster. You’re better off talking about more relevant issues, like that rumor I heard about …