My Blah Blah Blog - Archive for November, 2008


Driving While Canine

So I heard this morning that a dog, driving his owner’s van, crashed into a coffee shop. The owner had left the pet alone in the vehicle, in a parking lot, with the engine running, so the pooch took charge. I totally get this. I mean, it was early in the morning, …


Retail Therapy: It’s the Lipstick, Stupid

When the economy tanks, life becomes challenging for those of us who depend on retail therapy to maintain balance. You need to cut your spending, but what do you tell your inner shopper? If you’ve been struggling to suppress your urge to shop (UTS) while your 401K is gasping for breath, last …


Yes, Dorothy, We Can

I woke up this morning before the alarm clock went off, and in that kind of half dreamy state, images from the movie “The Wizard Of Oz” surfaced in my brain. Oddly, this has been a recurring theme for me this week. When the numbers were looking good for Obama, the lyrics, …