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My Recent Blah Blah Blogs


I’ve Got Mail

The mailman’s truck is very cute—all perky, square and white. I always get a little thrill when it chugs into sight. He’s brought a big, fat pile today: A baseball magazine, A catalogue of Christmas toys (‘though it’s just Halloween), A dentist bill for fifty bucks that’s wildly overdue, A postcard all in …


Open Minded

Once one is on the other side of 65, it becomes harder but more essential to be adventurous. It was with this in mind that I took a subway to the U.S. Open. It’s not that I don’t ordinarily take the subway in New York–I do. But usually it’s to go to, …


The Office

There is a Tiny Lady who works in an office down the hall from mine. At least I think she works. As petite as a seventh grader, she is more often in motion than at her presumed desk. She pops up everywhere, her objective being to find conversation. A world-class hall-roamer, she …

From the Crabby Cook

Hip Jam In Silver Lake

If you should find yourself visiting a much-more-hip-than-you relative in the much-more-hip-than-where-you-live section of L.A. called Silver Lake, st…

Kleen Queen (Green)

After the flood of 2015, I had some serious kleening up to do. Unwilling to spend a week inhaling Lysol fumes, I knew I would have to consult with  t…