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Drugs: New Fun Facts

I had a very productive conversation with a hairdresser the other day. First, he informed me that once you take LSD, it stays in your body—specifically in your spine—forever. So if you should, say, ride a bucking bronco or do some wacky, pretzel-like yoga pose, it could trigger a flashback. I have …


Fear And Donuts

Thanks to NPR I have learned that it has been a big week in food. First it was discovered that the most nutritious milk you can drink is not produced by cows or almonds, but by…wait for it….cockroaches. Just read about it here. It’s too gross to write about further. I don’t …


Call Me Pusha Hood

Tomorrow morning when my husband Tom stumbles into the kitchen for his Cheerios I will say, “Good morning, Killa Tickle.” Later, when I am examined by my eye doctor, Steve Schwartz, I will say, “So tell me, Outlaw Stevie Ritz, how’s my retina?” See, I just read this interview with Gloria Steinem …


Phan Mail

The other day I felt like I was inhabiting the children’s book about Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It started when I got an injection to stop a leak in my retina. This is routine maintenance for me, and usually I handle it gracefully, in total denial about the …

From the Crabby Cook

Gimme A Bar

I was wishing I had one of these at four o’clock Friday when I almost bought those black Repetto shoes to wear to a memorial service but instead lef…