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Crabby Snow Day

All up and down the eastern seaboard this weekend, people got Crabby. Housebound due to Snowzzilla, thousands (well, three that I know of) took advantage of the record snow dump, staying home and getting cozy with recipes from The Crabby Cook Cookbook. My daughter, Elizabeth, ventured forth with her boyfriend Lee into …


Powerball Fail

I wasn’t going to do it. Safely in the hands of Uber, I was on my way to my book group meeting at Debb’s, having gotten to 7 p.m. without buying a Powerball ticket before last night’s drawing. Yes, EVERYONE I KNEW had bought at least one ticket—in one case, twenty-five. But, …



A friend just texted me that she needed an emergency recipe for stuffing. I’m figuring she just got her pot luck assignment, having not had the foresight to do a pre-emptive ask to be assigned the cranberry sauce, which is much easier. This recipe is for her and for others who find …


Slammin’ Yam Soup

There’s nothing worse than having o feed people before you feed them, as in that odious task of providing  lunch on Thanksgiving when you are also cooking that daunting T-day dinner  menu later.  Okay here’s what you do: make slammin’ yam soup the day before . It’s an easy recipe and I …

From the Crabby Cook

Super Bowl Chili

I’m told there’s a Super Bowl on Sunday, so it’s time to haul out the chili recipe. Don’t ask me to tell you who’s playing—well, a…

Cranberry Salsa

This salsa was brought to my attention by my friend Michelle Latiolais who, having been to my house for dinner a few times, is well aware of my attitu…